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I'm Simone Sestito

Student, Android Developer, curious experimenter.

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Quick Settings

This app is properly designed to allow experienced users to make the most of their mobile devices, by including many essential features directly in the quick settings / notification panel.
It's the first project I've ever published on Google Play and now it's downloaded by more than 1 Million people.

Available on:

Barberia 95 (Barber Shop)

Commissioned by Barberia95, a real Barber Shop located in Salerno (Italy).
Manage your appointments, browse the products they sell, receive important notifications from the Barber Shop.
It helped their business improve.

Available on:

Shops Queue

A service to save time and avoid queues outside the shops. Not only does it include the possibility to book products with pick-up on site, but it also shows near stores on a map. Moreover, it manages multiple types of users. Fully documented, open source and available on GitHub.

Available on:

Escape Earth

Discover precisely the next space launches using this dedicated app. This is a mobile app created in only 2 days, during my first hackathon called "NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018" in Rome.

Available on:

Technical Skills

Android Native Apps

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android Jetpack
  • SQL databases
  • Firebase products


  • Docker
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Git
  • Linux


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